Call Center VoIP Services


Voxie Networks offers high quality SIP/VOIP origination and termination call centers, contact center and BPO’s worldwide. We offer toll free origination, DID origination, and Voice termination.

Voxie Networks’s network was built and optimized for high traffic / high call per second environments. We offer unlimited ports and CPS with no short call penalties.

Voxie Networks customers have access to real time reporting and call detail records through our customer portal. We offer post paid, prepaid, and pay-as-you-go payment terms. Use our Paypal payment gateway to transfer money or make credit card payments real time and top off your balance.


Reliable Call Center VoIP technology

Call Center Termination

Send your dialer or short call voice traffic to Voxie Networks and enjoy the best quality service at competitive pricing.   We offer both flat rate and NPANXX rate decks for USA/Canada as well as International A to Z.

Call Center DID Origination

Voxie Networks provides reliable inbound access to call center through SIP Interconnection.  Our DID (direct inbound dialing) origination services provide you numbers in over 7,500 U.S. rate centers. Voxie Networks offers enhances services including CNAM caller ID storage, T.38, portability, SMS and more.

Toll Free Origination

Voxie Networks provides reliable inbound access for call centers through SIP Interconnection.  Our Toll Free (855, 866, 877, 888, 800) origination services provide you a seamless interconnection to the PSTN and your  PBX or dialer.  Voxie Networks can port you existing toll free numbers in just a few days with no down time.

International Termination

Voxie Networks providing direct routes for Call Centers with superior quality at competitive rates. Our extensive network ensures both high completion rates at the lowest possible costs.  We strive to provide our customers with high-quality, reliable, and scalable services.

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Choose Voxie Networks VoIP and save more than 50% on Call Center costs

Full US and Canada Footprint
6/6 Billing
High ASRs
No Confusing Contracts
No Hidden Fees
Multiple Codecs Supported
No Capacity Restrictions
Billing on LRN or DNIS
Daily Reporting/CDRs
High CPS
No Short Duration Penalties